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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 5, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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>>west nile virus is suspected in causing the death of a long- time chicago firefighter. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. there is a hard lockdown due to a report of an intruder in the building at indian trail jr high school. they said there was no indication this reported person was armed or dangerous. students are in their classrooms with the lights off. police are searching
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the building. all of the >> the loss is still sinking in. he had been out sick for over a week. co-workers were warned his condition was grave. >> it still takes time to comprehend. it is not going to sink in until we see him missing from his chair. >> sad reminder that he will never return to the job he loved. the 50 year-old dad last night after contracting the virus from a macedo likemosquito bite. >> when you see a guy like him who is as big as the house and as strong as a next, being bogged down by a mosquito bite it is shocking. it is heartbreaking to everybody.
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there is no doubt that is what he would have wanted. >> he has given his whole life to saving lives and property. he continues to give and care of people. >> his closest colleagues will put it up tomorrow morning when he would have showed up for work. his wake will take place on sunday and his funeral on monday. there is a hard lockdown due to a report of an intruder in the building at indian trail jr high school. they said there was no indication this reported person was armed or dangerous. students are in their classrooms with the lights off. police are searching the building. all of the students are safe. a bicyclist was hit and killed by a semi truck on the near
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north side. it happened just before 9 this morning on wells street in front of walter payton high school. police say a male bicyclist was in the southbound lane and swerved to avoid an open car door. that's when he fell underneath the front wheels of the truck's flat-bed trailer. crews are still on the scene. we will keep you updated as more information becomes available. >>23 states reportedly received shipments of a steroid that have now been linked to a deadly meningitis outbreak. five people have died and another 35 have gotten sick from the infection. the rare type of meningitis involved is not contagious like more common forms. it is caused by a fungus often found in leaf mold and is believed to have been in a steriod injection used to treat back pain. so far, cases have appeared in tennessee, north carolina, florida, virginia, maryland and indiana. >>traces of the bacteria that causes legionnaires disease has been found inside schools in west suburban batavia.
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district officials say levels were low and students are not at risk. tests found the bacteria on faucets and showerheads at alice gustafson elementary, batavia high school, and hoover-wood elementary. no one has been diagnosed with any related illness. the schools remain open while cleaning is being done, but restrooms where the bacteria was found will be closed. more than 30 chicago alderman are calling for hearings into the possible closings of up to 120 schools. w-g-n's judy wang is live at city hall with details. >> he says he has learned about 100 schools may be targeted. he says he once administrators to come here to city hall to explain why. >> the list is growing. in favor of education committee hearings. >> i think we should force the hearings with the education committee. at the same time ask them to appear in front of us. we can start going over the
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list. >> there refused to a knowledge a school closing plan. high- ranking administrators told them that 80-120 underperforming or underutilized schools could closed. the resolution comes the same week teachers approved a four year $300 million deal. school closings at a retail. this will be the next big fight. >> and is on their hands. it is certainly not on our spirit if they would like to listen to us and make the community and the people who actually work in the schools a part of the process they might actually have a little bit more success. >> they say the public has a right to transparency.
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>> by having it transparent process of how they're going to close the school and how much money they're going to say if comic gives us a fiscal responsibility. >> a spokesperson released a statement that says we actively engage our aldermen on issues that impact families in the community. we have met multiple times with the aldermen and will continue to seek input and guidance. >> they decided to sign on and support the resolution because of a plethora of phone calls to the offices. >> negotiators failed to reach a contract agreement there is that. both sides have declined to discuss specifics of the
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situation. the next meeting is scheduled for october 10th. >>no school again today- for 18-hundred students in evergreen park at the teachers strike continue in district 124. the teacher's union says contract talks are getting nasty. after six hours of negotiations, both sides failed to settle the strike union representatives say: at one point a school board attorney had a screaming outburst. >> the mediator asked for a caucus. some progress was made. the school district offered some short-term relief from its proposal to tie teacher bonuses to student achievement. and union officials offered to
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compromise on health care. both sides will resume talks later this evening. a luxury sports car may be tied to the murder of a chicago area bride. twenty-six-year-old estrella carrerra was found dead in the bathtub of her apartment in burbank in may. she was still wearing her wedding dress. her new husband, arnoldo jimenez, is charged with killing her. last week, federal investigators found a bloodstained maserati in jimenez's brother's garage. they have not confirmed if it is carrera's blood in the car. he pleaded for probation but got prison instead. former blagojevich fundraiser william cellini was convicted of conspiracy to commit extortion in november. prosecutors say he attempted to
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shakedown a hollywood producer for campaign cash for rod blagojevich. cellini has had several health issues since his conviction. the judge considered that, when he sentenced him to one year and one day. cellni is due in prison on january 4-th. >>for the second time in a week, a coyote attack on a domestic dog was reported. both attacks took place near the western suburb of wheaton. in the latest attack a housesitter reported seeing a coyote with the home's bichon frise in its mouth. the coyote released the dog when it couldn't fit her through the fence. the dog suffered puncture wounds to her neck. this happened just a week after two other dogs were surrounded by multiple coyotes in their backyard. >>things are back to normal in streamwood at this hour, after a gas pipeline leak early this morning. irving park road between barrington road and park boulevard was closed as crews worked to fix the leak. it was reported sometime after 1 a-m this morning. the hissing of the broken pipeline could be heard for several blocks around the area. people living nearby were alerted through a reverse 9-1-1 system but no one had to be evacuated. >>still to come this midday. the latest jobs report is out with good news. unemployment levels dop to its lowest lever in more than 3 years. also ahead, the investigation into the shooting death of a u.s. border agent in arizona. whether or not it was a case of "friendly fire". and a little girl offers her entire piggy bank to get back her stolen puppy.
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teeth in just two days. new crest 3d white toothpaste. life opens up when you do. >> he was killed tuesday in arizona. mexican troops took him into custody. they tracked them down in northern mexico and were allegedly carrying drugs
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and guns. at the moment they are not considered suspects. they're not ruling out the possibility that the ivy was killed by friendly fire. >>two suspects are being held in the killing of the u.s. ambassador to libya according to a news report out of turkey. a turkish broadcast station reported on its website, two suspects have been detained at the airport in istanbul. they are described as tunisian citizens who tried to enter the country with fake passports. turkish police declined to comment on the report. ambassador christopher stevens was one of four american who died when islamist gunmen stormed the consulate in
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benghazi last month. >>republican presidential candidate mitt romney reversed himself on a controversial comment he made during a private fundraiser. romney initially said his disparaging remarks about the 47 percent of americans who don't pay taxes, was "not elegantly stated." but asked in an interview last night, how he would have responded if the "47 percent" comment came up during the debate with president obama. romney replied that his comment was "just completely wrong." president obama never brought up the issue during the debate. >>former vice president al gore has an explanation for the president's lackluster debate performance. he says it was the altitude. gore made the comment on his 'current t-v' channel during a panel discussion. gore said president obama had arrived in denver the day of the debate and only had hours to adjust to the altitude. mitt romney had been in denver since monday... hence giving his body time to acclamate to the difference in oxygen intake at that high altitude. the city stands a mile above
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sea level. >>a little girl has been reunited with her puppy, after thieves stole the dog from her home. this is the scene outside marissa. home in san jose, california. earlier this week, thieves stole thousands of dollars in electronics and the family dog "meeko" from the family's home. ten-year old marissa was heart broken. she offered the entire contents of her piggy bank for the safe return of her dog. earlier today, a woman came forward. saying she found the puppy in an parking lot. and meeko was reunited with his owner. just ahead the scathing tweet from former g-e ceo jack welch about the obama administration and the latest jobs report. and later in lunchbreak. a healthy twist on fall comfort food. grilled lamb chops and a crisp asparagus salad.
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a big surprise for wall street. the economy added 114,000 workers last month. the real shocker is the unemployment rate. it fell to 7.8%. that is the lowest since president obama took office in 2009. mostly due to a big rise in part-time workers. former ceo of ge is accusing the obama administration of manipulating
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the jobs report for political advantage. they will do anything. they cannot debate so they change numbers. he plans to unveil his 2013 spending plan next week. the global food price will probably stay high over the next six months. after a drought in the u.s. and russia. taking a look at the market. stocks advancing today. live at the new
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york stock exchange. >>later the positive effects of technology on stress. coming up next. a preview of this weekend's chicago marathon. how thousands have been gearing up for months and the causes their running for. and live music this midday from alternative, blues rockers missing cats . pppp >> [music]s. m uuele úepq
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time for sports. the bears go for their third win in a row in jacksonville this sunday afternoon. the bear returned to practice yesterday, after beating the cowboys on monday night football. julius peppers sat out with an ankle injury. he's been limited with a sore foot, but he's still expected to play this week. brian urlacher and evan rodriguez also sat out. meanwhile, cornerback tim jennings was named the n-f-c defensive player of the month. he leads the league with four interceptions, along with 18 tackles and six pass break-ups
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>> i never doubted my athletic ability. i wanted to work on making plays and making the best opportunities. >>the blackhawks were scheduled to open the season in a week, but now the n-h-l has canceled the first two weeks of the season. the hawks will lose five games including three at home. the owners want the players to lower their split of three- billion dollars in revenue from 57- percent to 47- percent. no formal negotiations are planned, but current and former hawks are practicing in chicago three days a week. cubs president theo epstein addressed the team's disappointing season at wrigley field yesterday. he admits the re-building process will take awhile, but fans will be rewarded for their patience. epstein says alfonso soriano had an incredible year, but he remains a trade possibility. the cubs will focus on starting pitching in free agency, and epstein says he was impressed with the hard- nose play under
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dale sveum. >>look at that mini tornado. fans ran for cover. players kept playing. nobody was hurt.
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to you. it's easy. we get to know you and your needs then give you our best quote and our competitors'. you choose and save up to 70%. that could mean $250,000 of coverage for just $15 a month. we offer plans with no medical exam and we've been in business for over 100 years. call fidelity life. ♪ ♪ or visit for your free quote. [ horn honks ] hey, honey. do we have life insurance? ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] or visit to secure your family's future today. >>thousands of runners are gearing up for sunday's chicago marathon. and many of them- are running 26-point-2 miles for a cause. wgn's julian crews is live at mccormick place with details. julian? >> much has been said about the chicago marathon being an
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economic engine. witho out of town runners many come from around the world filling up hotels and restaurants. it is also an economic engine for nonprofit organizations. >> there are so many spectators at the chicago marathon. they're on the sidelines. they're cheering. when they see us wearing jerseys it helps build brand awareness. >> organizations here to help get the word out. there have runners letter-writing. they are raising pledge money. the health market their brand and get the word out about their organization. 20 percent of the 45,000 people that are in the marathon are participating with some sort of a charitable organization. many of these
12:29 pm
organizations are well established that there are also some grass roots organizations. there's a group here running for a fallen navy seal by the name of david jon larson. his loved ones have pulled together a memorial fund. he was also a standout soccer player in high school as well as college. they have created a memorial fund. they're donating money to word a soccer players that cannot afford to play soccer. they are donating money to the navy seal foundation. it is astounding to see multitudes of organizations. the chicago marathon has turned
12:30 pm
into a gigantic marketing platform for these groups. >>officials have already closed some streets near grant park in preperation for the chicago marathon. the race will go north to addison, west to damen, and then south to 35-th street. other street closings will begin sunday morning at 7. they'll re-open around 4-30. this year's marathon will start in two waves to help reduce traffic congestion. a sold out notre dame game at soldier field on saturday and the columbus parade on monday will add to traffic issues downtown. >> it is going to be cool. we've got to give them a chance. we are going to sit out of the race this year. we'll have to sit on the sidelines this weekend. it is going to be good running
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weather. it has been so hot in recent years five years ago the race had to be shut down because of the warmth. that will not be the case this year. what an interesting morning this has been. we've moved from summerlike weather to autumn like rather. weather. on the radar you can see how the rain elements are moving to the area favoring or seven suburbs and the city itself. the concentration of rain thins out is to get north. the ears eveningthere have been some
12:32 pm
heavy rains overnight from peoria across to bloomington. these are some weather about grain numbers. a half an inch at henry. here in the city mia 27 hundredths of an inch. it is only 44 after a day that saw a 80 degree temperatures. 46 at st. charles. these are november level temperatures. another shot of cool air. a big warmup expected
12:33 pm
to take place next week and forward. his friend went through yesterday. a wave has developed along it. the jet stream dives into the country. it makes its way north east. what the storm has done is to pull the cooler air down with all of this cloud cover with clear out later tonight. when that blanket goes
12:34 pm
the temperature is going to go right along with it. gale warnings on the lakes. this is quite a push of cool air. over the weekend saturday will be 17 degrees below normal. sunday will be 16 degrees below normal. the arctic has opened up. this will make it all the way down to the gulf coast. they will be happy for some relief from some of the war. here are the wind
12:35 pm
chills. here is the reading the morning. that will improve to about 40 during afternoon. this will be interesting for those running in the marathon. the wind chill will be in the mid- 20s. a thermometer reading in the upper 30's and low 40's. there are the current temperatures. the water temperature at 64. like michigan is down 13 in. from one year ago. the product of the drought. this is a 10 day forecast.
12:36 pm
here's a southwest flow that will warn moscow. m us up. look at the warmth developing. it goes zonal. that is an el nino pattern. we have looked at stats. about 9 70 degree days historically from this day forward. tonight skies clear out. just a chance there could be a sprinkle or flurry late tomorrow night. first mention of a snowflake anywhere close by this season. mostly cloudy this afternoon.l . scattered showers.
12:37 pm
west wind at 22 mph. upper 20s far west. the city will have about 40. november level chill tomorrow. sunday mybe a morning sprinkle. a high temperature of 50. good marathon weather. not a terrible wind
12:38 pm
like yesterday. enough for the runners to notice. >>time for today's trivia. what is the science of brewing beer called? a. zorology b. zymurgy c. zumology the answer still to come this midday!
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a new study found that free birth control may dramatically reduce the number of teen pregnanices and abortions. the study looked at more than nine thousand girls and women at risk for unintended pregnancy in the saint louis area. researchers found over three years, that both abortions and teen births were much lower than the national rate. they also found that most women prefer long-term birth control like implants, over cheaper pills. >>technology useful as it is can also be extremely stressful. in fact some in the tech community are calling it digital toxins now, researchers are trying use technology to reduce stress. it's as simple as gadgets that allow you to relax with guided imagery or deep breathing. but it's also evolving into sensors that can measure anxiety
12:46 pm
and depression. prompting people to do something to relax. one lab is designing a calming e-mail reader that organizes messages in a less frenzied way. lunchbreak is next. comfort food just in time for fall. we're making lamb chops and a healthy asparagus salad. i was once used for small jobs. and i took on all the bigger tougher ones. but with mr. clean's new select-a-size magic eraser he can take on any size job. at least we don't go near rex's mobile home as often. what are you, scared? [ dog barks ] aah! oh! [ male announcer ] new mr. clean select-a-size magic eraser.
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in today's lunchbreak. american comfort food with a twist. grilled lamb chops served with asparagus salad. chris curren is the executive chef of stout barrel house and
12:49 pm
galley in river north. >>you have a whole list of beers. 20 beers on draft. yo pair thosu pair those with different foods. find tickets online. >>these are one of our fall menu dishes. we are going to sear these off. a nice hot pan. >>smelling so good. >>a little salt and pepper. to bring out some flaorvor with the meat. >>wonderful. >>we cans tart our salad. start our
12:50 pm
salad. >>we have some that we are going to put in there. >>kind of a peppery green. a poached egg. we are using a v inegarette dressing. i season with salt and pepper. just kind of adds to the flavoring. a nice pile of our greens and asparagus. on either side. this is a great fall salad. a little bit of shaved cheese. kind of
12:51 pm
like a spanish parmesan. we always like to put a little pepper on the eggs. we are going to garnish it with a little bit of pepper. >>we keep them going on all sides. kind of let them roast. >>usually i do it in an oven. so the heat surrounds it. >>we decided we wanted to make something kind of like.
12:52 pm
>>a cucumber yogurt in dill sauce. >>some cucumber slices. we are going to roll these up. place those around. it is a presentation. get and some ideas of what to do. >> we talked earlier about that dinner. we're going to have information on our web page. it
12:53 pm
is tuesday october 16th. you can get 4 courses paired with 4 beers. go to our website we will link you right there. we will also have the recipe. it looks delicious. >> our for lamb chops that we have cut in half. we have some pickled red onions.
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12:55 pm
time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked: what is the science of brewing beer called? a. zorology b. zymurgy c. zumology the answer: b: zymurgy is actually the chemistry of fermentation, which is the basis of beer making.
12:56 pm
>> have a couple of showers. they are coming and going. we think this system will pull out and give way to our northwest wind tomorrow. toward the end of this forecast we are up to monday the southwest wind pumping warmer air into the area. these are current temperatures. we have a 64 degree like water temperature.
12:57 pm
low for ragweed. cooler air coming this weekend. warmth out to the west that will come in. there will be a land breeze along for our marathoners. there are the high temperatures today. back up to the mid 40s low 50s tomorrow. 9 more 70
12:58 pm
degree days, is what history tells us. still room left to get some nice warm weather. the weekend will be a cool one. partly cloudy for the most part. stay warm. we will see you next week. have a great weekend. >>hope you have a great afternoon. cats.
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